“It’s not about art” (Source: Author)

“It’s not about art,” proclaimed an anonymous local communist in big red letters on the wall of an apartment building across the street. I think the sheer political utility of the damn thing appealed to me in the moment. …

Photo by Luke Michael on Unsplash

It’s hard to keep a straight face when watching coverage of the talks between the United States and China in Anchorage. The statements made by the U.S. delegation so far are as arrogant as they are divorced from reality. To have Tony Blinken sit there and scold China on its…

As someone who really enjoyed the stories in Greek mythology as a kid, I’m impressed with what Supergiant Games has done with the setting. The writers of Hades deserve credit for their thoughtful handling of the source material. They’ve managed to re-work these old stories for our current culture; on…

Bart Chlebowski

Veteran English teacher, perpetual grad student, writer, agitator

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