This whole article seems to ignore the reality that Joe Biden is and always has been part of the system of corporate greed and corruption you're complaining about while doing almost nothing for working Americans as president.

His "trillion dollar infrastructure" package was largely a corporate handout, which is the only way it got all of that Republican support.

Biden is probably most responsible for smothering the conversation about Medicare for All, a thing Americans desperately need. That might have something to do with all of the money he takes from the private insurance industry.

Minimum wage? Failed.

Green New Deal or any other meaningful climate action? Failed.

Build Back Better? Whittled down to near-uselessness and then failed.

Police reform? lol no

Voting rights? Still no.

Gun reforms? Nooooope.

Getting rid of the filibuster? Absolutely not.

Most of the above policies have majority public support too.

I mean, I applaud him for getting the US out of Afghanistan, but he tainted that by drone striking a bunch of children immediately afterward while also unnecessarily stoking tensions with China.

While there are legitimate reasons to criticize corporate media, "they aren't being fair to Joe Biden" is probably not one of them, especially with all of the uncritical gushing they engaged in when he first took office just based on the fact that he's not Trump.



Freelance writer, veteran ESL teacher, agitator.

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Bart Chlebowski

Bart Chlebowski

Freelance writer, veteran ESL teacher, agitator.

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